About the Arbitration Association

The Arbitration Association was founded in April 2013 in Moscow to unite legal practitioners, law firms and academics. The Association represents broad interests of the business, legal and education communities involved in the alternative dispute resolution in Russia and the CIS.

The main objective of the Association is cooperation in the development of arbitration in the Russian Federation and the CIS countries, popularizing Russia as a venue for arbitration, promotion of Russian arbitrators at national and international levels within the arbitration context, as well as the promotion of foreign arbitrators interested in arbitral proceedings, directly or indirectly relating to Russia and the CIS countries.

In order to achieve its aims the Arbitration Association focuses on the following programs: 
  • Developing training programs for arbitrators and party representatives
  • Organization of conferences
  • Developing recommended standards for the local arbitration institutions (Code of Best Practice)
  • Drafting proposals for improvement of legislation on arbitration

The Arbitration Association is governed by the:

  • General Meeting of Members
  • Board
  • Secretary General
  • Internal Audit Committee

The Arbitration Association supports a professional group for young arbitration practitioners Arbitration Association 40 which aim is to promote arbitration and educate lawyers on alternative dispute resolution.

A. International recognition:

  • The Arbitration Association is a signatory to 9 international agreements with foreign associations and arbitration centers;

  • The United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) granted an observer status to the Arbitration Association;

  •  A leading international agency Global Arbitration Review recognized the Arbitration Association as the only new arbitration center in Russia to watch;

  • The Chairman of Board was elected as a member of the Board of the International Council for Commercial Arbitration (ICCA).

B. Popularization of Russia as a place of arbitration and promotion of Russian arbitrators internationally;

C.  Organizing arbitration and mediation events in the form of roundtables, lectures, seminars and conferences on arbitration in Russia and abroad (more than 60 events).

D.   Socially significant projects:

      i. Taking part in discussion of draft laws on arbitration;

      ii. Assisting the Russian Supreme Court in analysis of the international practice on arbitration;

      iii.Research on arbitration:

  • The best practices in international arbitration in the CIS (2014);

  • The Impact of Sanctions on International Arbitration (2016);

  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards in Russia (2017);

  • Women in arbitration (2017).

E. Organizing the largest moot in the CIS on online arbitration. In 2016 26 teams took part in the contest, while in 2017 already 44 teams from 20 cities of Russia and Belarus took place in the competition.

F. Establishing the electronic library on arbitration and preparation of the Commentary to the Russian Arbitration Laws.

G.  Publishing the Arbitration Association Annual Reports.

H. Education programs for arbitrators, mediators and parties` representatives in the international arbitration.

I. Establishing the Arbitration Association database of arbitrators.

The Arbitration Association database of arbitrators enables any interested person -parties to the dispute or their representatives- to search for a candidate arbitrator using a number of criteria, for example, citizenship, place of residence, knowledge of languages, areas of specialization, jurisdiction or experience in arbitration or litigation.

Regarding the Arbitration Association membership please visit the following page.