About RAA40

The Russian Arbitration Association 40 (RAA40) is a group for young arbitration practitioners and academics and a part of the Russian Arbitration Association.

The key purpose of RAA40 is to promote arbitration among young lawyers and to create more opportunities for professional development of its membership. To achieve this purpose, RAA40 implements a number of projects. It organizes seminars to discuss the hottest arbitration-related issues (from legal regime to professional skills), publishes a regular newsletter discussing recent developments and works to give RAA40 members opportunities to participate in the most important arbitration-related events and projects in Russia.

RAA40 members play the key role within the organization. RAA40 serves as a forum for them to meet each other, network and share their experience. For this reason we welcome and are eager to support every initiative of our members, which corresponds to the organization’s goals, and endeavor to secure that both external experts and RAA40 members have an opportunity to speak at the RAA40 seminars and other events.

RAA40 is the continuator of the Moscow Arbitration Forum 40 (MAF40), which was established in 2008 by Francesca Albert, Anton Asoskov and Richard Chlup.