Collecting Bad Debts. Throwing Good Money after Bad? Released: ArbitRAAtion Kitchen Book Link to the first ever virtual Annual RAA Conference 2020 Give the perfect gift to your colleagues and clients!

Collecting Bad Debts. Throwing Good Money after Bad?

The event will attract more than 100 international experts. It will give the opportunity for lawyers specialising in international arbitration, litigation, fraud and asset tracing, in-house counsel, private investigators, forensic and litigation accountants to share their knowledge and experience

Released: ArbitRAAtion Kitchen Book

Unique collection of interviews and recipes shared by leading arbitration professionals from all over the world

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Dispute Resolution

Permanent Arbitration Institution at the Arbitration Association does not administer domestic and international commercial disputes pending the apllication for permission under the current legislation.


The users of the Permanent Arbitration Institution at the Arbitration Association can take advantage of a comprehensive database of international arbitrators.