GAR Connect: Moscow Workshop


We are pleased to invite you to the GAR Connect: Moscow Workshop, an online conference to be held on April 21st. The event unites leading arbitration specialists and upscale speakers from different jurisdictions who will address some of the most prominent issues in international arbitration. 

The conference will include two sessions:

Advocating quantum: a case-study

Using a hypothetical but realistic case-study, our panel of counsel, experts and arbitrator will debate the best way to develop and present the damages part of a case, and what tends to go right or wrong in front of arbitrators. They’ll start at the very beginning and run it through to the hearing. What’s the claimant’s thought process at the outset of the case, what’s the respondent’s, and what does the arbitrator think, having heard all that? Are the parties thinking along the right lines? And so on, through every cycle of the case. This format offers a great opportunity to learn from the best on how to present damages well, and to learn, once and for all, when it comes to damages, what do arbitrators really care about?

  Questions the panellists are expected to discuss include:
• When things go ‘wrong’ with the calculation of damages – what’s the reason?
• Which format of claims presentation would arbitrators prefer?

Sanctions and Russia-related arbitration: what’s the effect of the latest legislation?

Again, using a set of hypotheticals, our distinguished panel will discuss the challenges posed by various sanctions regime in relation to Russian arbitration. Questions are expected to address some of the test cases now unfolding and the effect of the new Russian legislation that may block access to arbitration in some sanctions scenarios. 

Our panel will look to address questions such as:
• How are the major arbitral institutions dealing with these ever-shifting sands?
• How are EU and US sanctions intended to work and what strategic choices do they present for Russian lawyers?

Please see the conference’s official website for agenda and registration details.
Follow the link to register. RGP is happy to offer you a voucher code to avail of your special discount: ArbDisc

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