TIAC начинает виртуальные гонки!

June 10, 2020 TIAC начинает виртуальные гонки!

Business activities have been upended by COVID-19 pandemic, and so have the patterns of everyday life. Moreover, the slowdown effect of new realities of working from home and social distancing has been pronounced and consequential for our physical health.
To counteract the above challenges and to cultivate an active lifestyle and healthier routines, TIAC launches Arbitrathon, a virtual race and a wellness initiative to empower arbitration practitioners and the communities to get healthier, happier and more productive! Interested to learn how?
Winners of the virtual race, who will be randomly selected, will get a virtual dinner organised with stellar arbitration practitioners and gifts from our sponsors!
More details will be available soon – stay tuned and register on www.arbitrathon.com. Please contact dbayzakova@tiac.uz for any further information.


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