Dear friends!

The world around us is currently going through very uneasy times.

We have been thinking a lot about whether the timing of our work piece on Russian arbitration case law is right. We have finally decided to carry on. We believe that information is power. The international community should therefore stay informed of Russian legal developments.

Clearly, arbitration is entering a new era. This era will show us whether arbitration is still a method of peaceful settlement of commercial disputes or not. That is why we continue our work on the issues of the Russian Arbitration Association (RAA)’s review of case law on arbitration and transboundary legal proceedings. We hope to present you with our review for the period of 2021 soon.

On the other hand, we have been working on translating our past issues of case law reviews from Russian into other languages. Today, we would like to present you with an English version of the 2020 RAA’s review of case law on arbitration and transboundary legal proceedings. Despite it covering the year 2020, it still has quite up-to-date guidance on a number of legal issues. We hope that the 2020 RAA’s review will be useful for those who wish to stay in touch with the Russian courts’ approaches to arbitration and transboundary legal proceedings.

As usual, the 2020 RAA’s review contains four main blocks, summarizing case law that our working group considered conspicuous, on the following topics:

∙ General issues of international commercial arbitration and arbitration proceedings

∙ Recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards

∙ Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments

∙ Application of foreign law by Russian courts

We would like to thank all members of our working group for their contribution to the 2020 RAA’s review.

Review of Russian case law on arbitration matters and transboundary legal proceedings 2020 is available here

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