Conference and Mock Attorney training with focus on Disputes involving Russian & CIS parties. Stockholm

November 3, 2014
Visit the Svea Court of Appeal for a roundtable with the judges, experience a mock mediation and arbitration session and join us for a book launch event.

The SCC is pleased to invite you to the two day conference International Dispute Resolution in Sweden that will take place on 3-4 of November in Stockholm. 

The conference will have a special focus on disputes involving Russian and CIS parties and is organized by the SCC in cooperation with the RAA (The Russian Arbitration Association) and SAA (The Swedish Arbitration Association). 

Conference Highlights

Mock Mediation - The participants will get to experience how a shareholders' dispute can be resolved through mediation. 

Mock Arbitration - A team of arbitration experts will argue the mock case and examine witnesses before an arbitral tribunal. 

Six panels of expert speakers - Arbitration and mediation specialist will discuss hot issues in arbitration and mediation. 

Visit the Svea Court of Appeal - Experience a round table discussion with the judges handling the setting aside and enforcement cases. 

Book Launch - The authors will give a compelling overview of the book, "Arbitration in Sweden", that has recently been translated into Russian. 

The Russian Arbitration Association will hold an evening reception on November 4, everyone is welcome. 

Confirmed Speakers:
Timur Aitkulov, Stefan Bessman, Lars Edlund, Prof. Kaj Hobér, James Hope, Vladimir Khvalei, Prof. Alexander S. Komarov, Richard Kreindler, Julian Lew, Annette Magnusson, Alexander Muranov, Sofi Nappert, Prof. Ivan S. Zykin, Bo Nilsson, Robin Oldenstam, Irina Paliashvili, Dominique Pellew, Eric Runesson, Tsisana Shamlikashvili, Patricia Shaugnessy, Claes Zettermarck,  Roman Zykov,  Patrik Schöldström, Markus Johansson, Anders Relden and Rikard Wikström. 

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