Титиевская Марина


General information

Marina Titievskaya is a managing partner of Law office «NOMOS».

Member of the Fédération Internationale Des Femmes Des Carrières Juridiques since 1995. 

Lawyer, Advocate (Attorney at Law) in the Moscow Bar Registry.

Specialist area

  • Qualification and experience in litigation in Russian courts, in International Arbitration:

  • Arbitrator of International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russian Federation, Moscow;

  • Arbitrator of Arbitration at the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry;

  • Arbitrator of Trade & Agricultural Chamber of Commerce of Czech, Prague.

Work experience in legal profession

  • 1972-1973 secretary in the Court;

  • 1973-1977 assistant of Layer in the Supply and Sales Agency;

  • 1977-1988 legal adviser, senior legal adviser of Foreign Trade Association “NOVOEXPORT”, Ministry of the Foreign Trade of the USSR;

  • 1988-1991 Chief of Legal department of the Foreign Trade Association “MOSINTER” of the  Moscow City Council;

  • 1991- 1995 Director of Law Department of Company “NORDEX”, Austria; working permit in Switzerland, Zurich within 1993-1995;

  • 1992 – 2001 Law firm “NOMOS”, one of three founders, Director;

  • 2001 – until now Advocate, № 77/6125 in Moscow Bar Registry.

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