Russian Law Journal

11 Декабря 2013




The Secretary General of the

Russian Arbitration Association

The Russian Law Journal, the new initiative of the Law Faculty of the Moscow State University, is absolutely necessary and timely. It is an unfortunate reality that the number of Russian commercial disputes tried outside of Russia is constantly growing while Russian law remains a rather unpopular option when it comes to choosing the law applicable to international contracts. This is partly due to the infancy of the Russian legal system but is also dictated by the lack of information about the concepts and notions of Russian law publicly available to the international legal community.

One of the statutory goals of the Russian Arbitration Association is to educate the international legal community and popularize Russia as a place for resolving commercial disputes. This comes hand in hand with the promotion of Russian law as the law applicable to international transactions. This is where the Russian Law Journal has the potential to take a leading role in educating foreign lawyers on our legal system.

The Russian Arbitration Association wishes the team and the authors of the Russian Law Journal continued success.

Moscow, 15 December 2013

Roman Zykov

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