Cathalijne Van Der Plas

Cathalijne Van Der Plas

Jahae Raymakers


Cathalijne conducts an international practice that consists for the main part of international judgement enforcement and civil asset tracing & recovery, with an accent to financial crime matters.

In addition, because of her special expertise on private international law, Cathalijne van der Plas is frequently called in as ‘lawyer’s lawyer’ by fellow professionals in order to render opinions or give advice on complex issues concerning the international jurisdiction of courts, the applicable law and the recognition and enforcement of foreign decisions or arbitral awards. She has a unique knowledge of the intersections of private international law, public international law and international sanctions law, with regard to among other things supermandatory rules and immunity from jurisdiction and from execution.

Cathalijne is Fellow of the International Academy of Financial Crime Litigators and Regional Representative for Europe of the IBA Asset Recovery Subcommittee. She also is a member of the Corporate Responsibility & Anti-corruption Committee of the Dutch division of the ICC, and co-chairs the asset recovery chamber of the Institute for Financial Crime (IFFC).

Cathalijne runs courses at legal educational institutions, contributes to a number of professional journals and is a speaker at various seminars within the Netherlands and abroad on the topic of asset recovery and related private international law issues. She holds a PhD in private international law and also is an assistant-professor in private international law at the University of Amsterdam.