Йошихиса Хаякава

Yoshihisa Hayakawa

Вице-председатель Международного комитета Асс Адвокатов Токио


oshihisa Hayakawa serves as a professor of law at Rikkyo University, Tokyo. He also teaches and researches in a number of foreign universities including Columbia University, Cornell University, QM College of University of London and Australian National University. He teaches and researches in the fields of Law of International Business Transactions, Private International Law, International Investment Law, Transnational Litigation, International Commercial Arbitration and Cross-Border Bankruptcy,

He also serves as a practicing lawyer at Uryu & Itoga, Tokyo. He serves as a counsel in many cases of transnational litigation and international commercial arbitration as well as serving as an arbitrator in many arbitration cases.

He also works for a number of governmental and inter-governmental organizations. He has served as a representative from Japan for UNCITRAL since 2000 until now. He also served as a representative from Japan for the Hague Conference on PIL. Additionally, he has served as a member of many advisory committees for Japanese Government including Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Economy, Trade& Industry. And he serves as Vice-chair of Int’l Committee of Tokyo Bar Association.

He has published many books in English language including “International Law in the New Age of Globalization” (2013 Brill), “Japanese and European Private International Law in Comparative Perspective” (2008 Mohr Siebeck), “An Economic Analysis of Private International Law” (2006 Mohr Siebeck), “Financial Regulations” (2003 Sweet & Maxwell), “Selected Legal Issues of E-commerce” (2002 Kluwer International), “Arbitration in Asia” (2001 Butterworths) and “Legal Aspects of Globalization” (2000 Kluwer International). He has also published many books in Japanese language as well.