RAA participates in EEDRF

29.09.2016 RAA participates in EEDRF Progressive techniques of arbitration welcome in East Europe

The speakers paid much attention to innovative techniques to meet modern challenges of international commerce. Same as worldwide, procedural efficiency in terms of time and costs has become on the agenda in the region. Galina Zukova, associate at White & Case, presented the results of her research of various arbitration rules and concluded that arbitral tribunals may and should adopt measures to ensure procedural economy such as issuing procedural orders, schedules and terms of reference.

Evgeniya Rubinina, senior associate at Freshfields, London, reported in detail on third parties funding of arbitration in England and elsewhere arguing that in fact such practice ensures the parties’ access to justice. Vladimir Khvalei, chairman of Arbitration Association (RAA) briefly outlined new Russian legislation in force from September 2016 and estimated new Russian arbitration legal regime with “moderate optimism”. In addition, the Forum organisers showed to the participants a new amusing video film on RAA online arbitration in Russia.

Source: CIS Arbitration Forum

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