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The Energy Charter Secretariat is seeking fellowship applications for a research on the topic of remedies under the Energy Charter Treaty. After the publication of the final awards issued in 3 arbitrations between former shareholders of Yukos and the Russian Federation, the Energy Charter Secretariat is currently aware of more than 20 arbitral awards rendered under the Energy Charter Treaty (out of 58 known cases). In some of them, the arbitral tribunal considered remedies different from compensation.

The research should analyse the relevant articles of the ECT and the existing awards. The main issues to be considered are: the different remedies allowed by the ECT and awarded by arbitral tribunals; the different methods for assessing compensation; factors that limit the amount of compensation; and the awarding of interest.

The Secretariat announced the opening of one three-months fellowship for a researcher in law and/or economics on the following topics:

  • the remedies allowed by the ECT and awarded by arbitral tribunals; 
  • the methods for assessing compensation and factors that limit the amount of compensation;
  • the awarding of interest.

An economic and/or legal background is required for this fellowship. Interested candidates who fit the eligibility criteria as indicated in the Terms of Reference are invited to send their applications (cover letter and CV) to by Monday 25 August 2014.

Due to the high volume of applications, only selected candidates will be contacted by the Secretariat, possibly during the first week of September. E-mails and phone calls requesting information about the selection process will be disregarded.

You will find eligibility criteria under the link

Please, circulate this to interested candidates taking and note the short deadline of next Monday 25 August 2014.

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