Ed Crosse

Ed Crosse

Partner, Simmons & Simmons


Ed Crosse is a partner at Simmons and Simmons LLP in London specialising in complex financial and contentious regulatory disputes.  Ed is a former President of the London Solicitors Litigation Association (“LSLA”), which represents the interests of over 3000 disputes lawyers in London. The LSLA has become a first port of call for consultation on issues affecting civil and commercial litigation in London, and has been at the forefront of the process of Civil Justice reforms in recent years.  In that role, Ed was the solicitor representative on the Shorter and Flexible Trials Committee, chaired by Lord Justice Birss, which proposed a new fast track procedure for commercial and business cases in London.  Immediately, following the UK's decision to leave the EU, Ed was invited to join a working group established by the Lord Chief Justice to advise the MOJ on the implications of Brexit for UK Civil Justice.  Ed was one of three responsible for drafting the new rules on disclosure applicable to business and property cases in England and Wales under the Disclosure Pilot Scheme.  

Ed has written extensively on these and other topics concerning civil justice reform in England and Wales and is regarded as a leading voice for the profession.

Ed has over 25 years’ experience of handling international arbitration and English litigation cases for clients in Russia and the CIS.