Kaj Hober

Кай Хобер

Chairperson, SCC


Kaj Hobér is currently Professor of International Investment Law and Trade Law at Uppsala University, and an Associate Member of 3VB Chamber in London.

Previously, for twenty years until 2014, he was partner at Mannheimer Swartling Law firm, and prior to that, partner at White & Case Advokat AB.

-     Kaj has been active within this field for over 30 years, and his solid experience and achievements have been of great importance for Sweden’s international success. As a former member of the SCC Board, Kaj is also very familiar with the work and practices of the SCC, says Michael Wolf, Chairman of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.

-       SCC holds a very strong position, both in Sweden and internationally, and is constantly developing. I look forward to working together with the SCC Secretariat and Board and continue to position SCC as a major international arbitration institution, and to continuously manifest Sweden role’s as a preferred venue for international dispute resolution, says Kaj Hobér.

Kaj Hobér will be replacing Ulf Franke, as his mandate expires on 31 December 2015. Ulf has been Chairperson of the SCC Board since 2013 and prior to that SCC Secretary General 1975 - 2010.