ICC Lex Mercatoria Moot. Minsk

25.11.2016 ICC Lex Mercatoria Moot. Minsk

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ICC Lex Mercatoria is an annual international competition on international trade law and arbitration. The teams are to resolve the mock case prepared by the International Court of Arbitration on the basis of the Rules of Arbitration of the ICC. The venue of ICC Lex Mercatoria is kindly provided by the Belarusian State University. ICC Lex Mercatoria contributes to the promotion of the international commercial arbitration as an alternative method of resolving commercial disputes.

ICC Lex Mercatoria was founded in 2011 as a Russian language competition. Due to the success, in 2016, the English Chapter of the Competition is announced. The Competition will be held in Minsk (Belarus) on November 25 – 28, 2016. The English section of ICC Lex Mercatoria is administered by the International Law & Arbitration Association (BILA Association).

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