V St Petersburg FDI Pre-Moot 2021

27 октября 2021

With the FDI Globals coming up we wanted to share with you the joy that the last weekend brought us. 

Together with the St Petersburg University, we hosted the V St Petersburg FDI Pre-Moot, larger than ever. 

It started off with hot and lively discussions at the E-Conference. Both FDI participants and practitioners were very interested and involved in the discussions of State-Owned Enterprises as Claimants in International Investment Arbitration. We moved on to discussing Compensation in International Investment Arbitration. Both discussions we brilliantly moderated by co-authors of this year’s FDI Case Aglaya Melnik and Vishakha Choudhary. Esteemed panelists shared their views and opinions giving thought to participating FDI Teams and hopefully inspiring them to perfect their arguments. 

We thank Prof Mark Feldman, Mr. Yury Babichev, Dr Farouk El-Hosseny, Mr. Filip Boras and Ms Olga Tsvetkova for sharing their expertise and experience of working and studying SOE in investment arbitration. 

In the panel to follow, Mr. Mark W. Friedman, Mr. David Khachvani, Dr. Martins Paparinskis and Ms. Diana Tsutieva have discussed compensation in international arbitration. 

You can check it out at https://youtu.be/dGMj5i1wx_E 

During the next two days, 25 teams had a very intense schedule (2 or 3 rounds a day) summing up to a total of 52 hearings including Semi-Finals and the Final Round. 

In the final round, the team named after JFK airport (National Law School of India University) faced the team named after PEK airport (St Petersburg University). Tirelessly defending their clients the teams argued far out of the business hours. At the end, JFK Team secured the award in its favor thus winning the Pre-Moot 

Our congratulations to the Winner of the V St Petersburg Pre-Moot, National Law School of India University, and the best advocate Lahar Jain. We wish you the best of luck in the global rounds. 

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