Seoul ADR Festival. Seoul, Korea

02.11.2015 Seoul ADR Festival. Seoul, Korea
Organizer: The Korean Commercial Arbitration Board (KCAB)

Co-host: UNCITRAL, Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Korea, ICC International Arbitration
Court, Seoul International Dispute Resolution Center (SIDRC), Korea In-house Counsel
Association, In-House Counsel Forum, Content Dispute Resolution Committee (CDRC),
Thomson Reuters.

Five reasons to participate:

(1) Seoul ADR Festival (SAF) is not just about arbitration and mediation, but also about other newer and more innovative means of dispute resolution. Discussion topics are carefully chosen to provide you with the broadest perspective on the current landscape of ADR, and also to invite your creative input. Come share your expertise.
(2) SAF will focus on the Asia-Pacific, one of the most rapidly developing parts of the globe. Get the latest information about this young and vibrant region.
(3) SAF will invite organizations and institutions working on the frontiers of ADR, and provide them with opportunities to share their information and experiences. Catch up with the forerunners. Stay up-to-date.
(4) SAF will invite businessmen and policy makers to explore the potential of ADR in various business sectors that are rapidly globalizing. See the future of ADR. See opportunities emerge.
(5) SAF is completely free of charge. Consider it as one of the ways in which Korea is returning the favours it had received from various parts of the globe.

Seoul waits for you with warm heart.
If you are not persuaded yet, come for the beauty of Seoul in its autumn colours.
Come enjoy the season, come enjoy the Festival.

Please see the event's programme for more details.

Supporting Organizations

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