English Law and Arbitration Conference.Baku

01.10.2019 English Law and Arbitration Conference.Baku English Law and Arbitration Conference in Baku

Leading English lawyers, Pinsent Masons LLP (solicitors), Lamb Chambers (barristers), Smith & Williamson(investigators) are organizing an international conference on International Arbitration and English Law. The Conference will cover important legal issues that can help companies avoid or resolve legal disputes arising from English Law and/or arbitral agreements.

An innovative feature of the conference is that it will combine presentations,
interactive sessions and training (workshop-type) sessions. The speakers and the
audience will be able to participate in a case-study. This will cover various topics
related to international arbitration and English law and, in particular, arbitrations
seated in London, governed by London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) rules
or agreements governed by English Law.

Attending the Conference will give participants an opportunity to learn about the
latest English legal developments, including:

- Challenges to the issue and the stay of legal proceedings due to any disputes
subject to arbitration clauses.
- New developments in the conduct of arbitrations and, in particular, disclosure
available to parties pursuant to the Rules on the Efficient Conduct of
Proceedings in International Arbitration (“Prague Rules”).
- Court powers exercisable in support of arbitration proceedings.
- Challenges to arbitration awards on the grounds of serious irregularity or an
appeal on a point of law.
- Third party funding of arbitration, security for costs and recent developments
as regards the recoverability of funding costs.
- Selecting the arbitrator, including issues regarding the arbitrator’s disclosure
of information relevant to their appointment.
- Relief and remedies available to the tribunal, including remedies beyond
monetary payments.

Programme Outline:

09:30 Registration and welcome

10:00 Introductions

10:15 Presentations and interactive sessions: Part 1

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Presentations and interactive sessions: Part 2

18:00 Networking Reception & Drinks

20:00 Close

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The conference and training sessions will last for one day and will be free to

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