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Kathleen Paisley

Партнер, Ambos Lawyers


Kathleen Paisley is a well recognised international arbitrator of commercial and investor-State disputes with significant experience under all the major international arbitration rules and under the common and civil law, as well as international and EU law.  She is triple qualified, combining a degree from the Yale Law School with an MBA in Finance and has passed the Certified Public Accountancy exam.  For purposes of this session, Ms. Paisley co-chairs the in-house counsel forum of the ICC Task Force on ADR and Arbitration, and is a member of the Steering Committee of the the IMI/CCA/Straus Mixed Mode International Task Force.  She is also co-chair of both the ICDR Global Working Group on Arbitration of Technology and Life Sciences Disputes and the ICCA/IBA Joint Task Force for Data Protection in Arbitration and the AAA-ICDR, as well as being a member of the ICCA/ASIL Damages Task Force (quantification), the Sedona Conference Drafting Committee on arbitration and the ICCA/NYC Bar/CPR working group on Cyber Security in Arbitration.