International Maritime Law Arbitration Moot


IMLAM (a moot by London Maritime Arbitration Commission) represents a model proceeding in international commercial arbitration in disputes under maritime law.

The Moot was first founded in 2000 by University of Queensland.

Since 2006 the Moot has been organized by Murdoch University’s School of Law.

Teams submit their memoranda before April 19, 2017. The Moot will take place from Friday 30 June, 2017 – Wednesday 5 July, 2017.

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The Moot’s language is English.

For more information about London Maritime Arbitration Commission Moot please visit website.

Comments from Tom Dopstat, participant in 2014 (Maastricht University (Kingdom of the Netherlands))

International Maritime Law Arbitration Moot is the major moot in maritime law arbitration proceedings under English law. Each year new legal cases are created in London for the moot’s participants and their resolution requires a lot of effort even from those who are quite familiar with maritime law. 

The Moot is conducted in a cheerful and friendly atmosphere. During joint dinners participants have a chance to discuss with world class lawyers acting as arbitrators and share their experiences. Any student can participate in the Moot. Irrespective of moot results, each participant gains invaluable experience of teamwork, can make new friends and take a closer look at the culture and the legal system, develop his or her public speaking skills, profoundly learn maritime law and arbitration procedures.

I was fortunate to meet a few new friends during the moot and make some business contacts with law firms to start my career in law.

Comments from Ana Petrova, participant in 2014 (Maastricht University (Kingdom of the Netherlands))

Participation in the Moot was an exciting moment for me. Intense written and oral preparation broadened my skills in law, particularly, in legal reasoning and legal argumentation. The Moot was a highly motivating process requiring a lot of effort and dedication.

As a professional, I gained invaluable skills and indispensable knowledge in maritime law. I was honored to speak before high level arbitrators – Queen’s Counsels and judges from the Appellate and Supreme Courts. Furthermore, I could make useful acquaintances as the Moot gathers teams from around the world.

This Moot is an excellent opportunity to improve one’s career prospects during studies.