V St Petersburg FDI Online Pre-Moo

08.10.2021 V St Petersburg FDI Online Pre-Moo

St Petersburg University and Russian Arbitration Association are pleased to announce that this year they will be co-hosting the V St Petersburg FDI Online Pre-Moot.

Registration for the arbitrators >> link.

Deadline for registration: 17 October 2021

Dates of rounds: 23-24 October 2021

Registration for the E-Conference >> link.

Date and time: 22 October 2021, 3 PM - 6:30 PM Moscow time

Those interested in joining the event, sharing their experience and academic views with the participants from all around the world are invited to register as arbitrators.

The Pre-Moot will be preceded by the interactive two-panel E-Conference (22 October 2021). The goal of the E-Conference is to provide an insight to the students participating and to give a stand for the professionals of the sphere to express and share their academic opinions.

The E-Conference proceeds in two Panels:

·  Panel I: State-Owned Enterprises as Claimants in International Investment Arbitration (3 PM – 4.30 PM Moscow time)

Speakers: Prof. Mark Feldman, Farouk El-Hosseny, Filip Boras, Olga Tsvetkova and others

· Panel II: Compensation in International Investment Arbitration (5 PM – 6.30 PM Moscow Time)

Speakers: Dr. Martins Paparinskis and others.

Should you wish to join the discussion, please register for the E-Conference.

The Pre-Moot Rounds are scheduled for 23-24 October 2021, providing teams with the opportunity to sharpen their arguments, pick up advanced communication techniques and fine tune their online presentation skills before the Grand Finale. This year the Pre-Moot will be welcoming 24 teams from all around the world at Zoom platform.

The winners and best speakers of the Pre-Moot will be granted access to Jus Mundi Legal Research, the leading worldwide search engine for international law and arbitration, as well as receive presents from Russian Arbitration Association.

For more information, please see the V FDI St Petersburg Pre-Moot website.

Feel free to ask any questions via emails: mootcourts@spbu.ru; moot@arbitrations.ru.

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