The Russian Arbitration Association Conference in Vienna

31.03.2016 The Russian Arbitration Association Conference in Vienna
Organised by the Russian Arbitration Association and supported by the Austrian Arbitration Association, on 18 March, the conference titled, "Dispute Resolution in Russia - legislature, trends and implications for doing business", brought together leading experts in the legal field. Held at the historic premises of the Trade Mission of the Russian Federation in Austria, co-hosts of the event, the conference addressed the prospects of doing business in Russia, following the country's new law on arbitration. 

The conference began with an opening speech from the Head of the Russian Federation Trade Representative in Austria, Alexander Potemkin, who spoke about the possibilities for promoting mutually beneficial business relations between the two countries. 

In his opening speech, Mr. Wolfgang Brandstetter, the Federal Minister of Justice of the Republic of Austria welcomed events of this type, likewise, speaking in favour of promoting positive business relations between Russia and Austria.  "Our aim is to strengthen our cooperation, the cooperation  between Russia and Austria, and mutually beneficial cooperation is based on trust, and desire to move forward." - said the Honourable Minister. 

Mr. Mikhail Galperin, the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation then proceeded to talk about arbitration reform in Russia, bringing into focus Russia's newly signed law on arbitration, set to come into effect 1st September 2016. "This is one of the most serious reforms in Russia in the past 20 years." - said the Honourable  Deputy Minister. Mr. Galperin also pointed out that after 1 September, Russia will be the only country where corporate disputes will be arbitrable. 
Dr. Stefan Riegler, Member of the Board of the Austrian Arbitration Association and Partner, Baker & McKenzie, Vienna spoke on recent trends and developments in Austrian Arbitration law, pointing out that the most profound amendments were made in 2006. Dr. Riegler also spoke about latest amendments to the Austrian arbitration act and the 2016 Vienna mediation rules. 

The conference was brought to a close by Mr. Vladimir Khvalei, Chairman of Board of the Russian Arbitration Association and Partner, Baker & McKenzie, Moscow. Mr. Khvalei talked about the prospect of Russia being a venue for international dispute resolution, mentioning several arbitration courts currently available in Russia. The Russian Arbitration Association's Chairman of Board also talked about the Association, it's members and current activities and projects. 

The RAA Vienna event brought together leading professionals in the field of dispute resolution, arbitration and mediation. Guests included Dr.iur Manfred Heider, Secretary General, Vienna International Arbitral Centre; Igor Nikitin, Adviser of the Russian Federation Embassy in Austria; Andrea Martini, Chief of Protocol, Republic of Austria Federal Ministry of Justice, and representatives of Arbitration Institutes, Austrian and Russian law firms and companies. 

"It is nearly impossible to find a single international arbitration lawyer who has not been involved in the Vienna Moot competition. Each given March Vienna is the place to be and we are always there looking for talent and new avenues to promote arbitration in Russia. It is the third time when the Russian Arbitartion Association held its traditional annual social event for the Russian speaking teams. As a part of promoting Russia as a place for arbitration, the RAA also held a conference addressing new developments in the Russian arbitration law. I am glad that the event attracted the speakers of a high caliber and a fantastic international audience. We hope that our events will create new opportunities for arbitration in Russia." - says Roman Zykov, the Secretary General of the Russian Arbitration Association.

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