New Issue of RAA40 Newsletter released

23.09.2014 New Issue of RAA40 Newsletter released

The newsletter looks at the in-house counsel role from every possible angle. The issue features articles on their role in arbitration during every state from commencement to settlement and from choosing external counsel to controlling arbitration-related costs as well as application of privilege to in-house counsel’s documents and communications.

We have discussed the role of in-house counsel, their careers and interaction with external counsel with leading in-house counsel: Evgenia Loewe (Renova) and William Spiegelberger (UC Rusal), arbitrations: Christer Soderlund (Vinge) and Aleksei N. Zhiltsov (Presidium of the Russian ICAC at the CCI), and external counsel: Aleksei Doudko (Hogan Lovells), Julia Popelysheva (Clifford Chance) and Noah Rubins (Freshfields).

As usual the newsletter covers important arbitration-related decisions from Russia and abroad as well as future events organized by the RAA40 and others. 

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