First ever “Arbitration Days’’ held in Armenia

14.10.2016 First ever “Arbitration Days’’ held in Armenia

“Arbitration Days’’ was held for the first time, in Armenia from 15 – 16 October, 2016 in Yerevan.

The representatives of  the Russian Arbitration Association attended and spoke at the event about the recent reform in arbitration in Russia and RAA’s work.

The event was a part of the Joint Project between the European Union and the Council of Europe “Strengthening the Independence, Professionalism and Accountability of the Justice System in Armenia”, whose aim is to provide a platform for promoting arbitration in Armenia and sharing information related to arbitration if different jurisdictions.

The event brought together leading arbitration practitioners and experts of six Member States of the Council of Europe to discuss arbitration, recent changes, the role international arbitration in promoting investment opportunities and business relations between countries. 

Roman Zykov, Secretary General, RAA was one of the key speakers at the conference. Roman talked about creating arbitration institutions, using RAA as an example. RAA’s Secretary General talked about the association’s arbitration rules and the recently launched online arbitration process that allows for dispute resolution via online arbitration. He then demonstrated how the online arbitration process works, with the help of RAA's video on online arbitration.

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