Developing RAA Arbitration Rules and Education Programs


The Association was founded to support development of arbitration in Russia and the CIS countries, to promote Russian and CIS arbitrators at the international level and most importantly to create a modern arbitration court for resolving international and Russian domestic commercial disputes.

In order to implement said objectives RAA established two Working Groups with the aim of preparing and presenting the drafts RAA Arbitration Rules, arbitration costs schedule and the Education Programs.

Working Group 1 – Drafting the RAA Arbitration Rules

The group is preparing drafts RAA Regulations on Administering Disputes and Schedule of Arbitrations Costs. The drafts will be presented for open discussion in December 2013.

Any RAA member can join the Working Group by sending an e-mail to [dddd]

Working Group 2 – Preparation of RAA Education Programs

The programs are aimed at spreading knowledge on arbitration among legal professionals in Russia and CIS and training the new generation of highly qualified arbitration lawyers. The courses will be taught by leading international and domestic arbitration lawyers.

Any RAA member can join the Working Group by sending an e-mail to [dddd]

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