Annual Meeting of the Russian Arbitration Association

18.04.2014 Annual Meeting of the Russian Arbitration Association
Annual Meeting of the RAA Members 2014 (conference participants are also invited).


  • The Annual Report for 2013 - Roman Zykov, Secretary General of the RAA.
  • The RAA Audit Commission report - Head of the RAA Audit Committee.
  • Administration of disputes by the RAA - Vladimir Khvalei, Chairman of the RAA Board.
    • UNCITRAL Rules
    • On-Line Arbitration
  • The RAA Educational programs - Natalia Backhaus, the RAA Education Programs Coordinator.
  • The RAA Conferences - Dmitry Bezrukov, the RAA Communications Manager.
  • The RAA Arbitrators Database - Alexei Dudko, Francesca Albert, Deputy Presidents of the RAA Nominating Committee.
  • The RAA programs for corporate lawyers - Alevtina Kamelkova, the RAA Board member, Alcatel-Lucent.
  • Miscellaneous.

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