Правовое регулирование внешнеэкономической деятельности и международный коммерческий арбитраж: исторический опыт и вызовы времени. Москва

November 15, 2019

We are glad to announce that on 15th November 2019 the scientific and law practice conference «Foreign Trade Regulation and International Commercial Arbitration: Historical Experience and Present Needs» will take place in Moscow. 

The conference shall be honored to the 100th anniversary of the Russian prominent law researcher, Professor of the Russian Foreign Trade Academy, Prof. Dr. V.S. Pozdnyakov. 

The conference shall be the key event for discussing the issues of the development of legal regulation of foreign trade activity and the international commercial arbitration in Russia during Soviet and Post-Soviet periods as well as the actual issues of foreign trade regulation and dispute resolution by means of international arbitration. 

To be discussed: 

  • Evolution of Legal Regulation of Foreign Trade Activity: from State Monopoly to Freedom of Business Relations 
  • Parties' Autonomy and Development of Conflict-of-Laws Regulation of International Trade Contracts 
  • The Role of Public Regulation in Development of Foreign Trade and Inter-State Economic Cooperation 
  • Evolution and Actual Issues of the International Commercial Arbitration 
  • Influence of Sanctions on International Trade Contracts, Business Activity and International Arbitration 

The event is intended for law practitioners, arbitrators, business people, researchers and academics, mediators and for all persons who are interested in obtaining the information and discussing the issues of international commercial law and international commercial disputes resolution. 

The participation in the conference is free of charge. 

Place of conference: Russian Foreign Trade Academy of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation (Vorobyevskoe shosse 6A, Moscow). 

The conference programme is in the process of formation. 

Please send your applications for attending the conference and your speaking proposals to Andrey Gribanov by e-mail: andgribanov@gmail.com 

We would kindly ask you to send your speaking proposal containing the topic of your presentation till 10th October 2019. 

For sponsoring, please contact Irina Lukyanova by e-mail: irinluk@bk.ru 

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