Foreign Direct Investment Moot in Buenos Aires University in Argentina: The Results'16

November 3, 2016

From 3rd until 6th of November, the famous student’s competition FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) Moot took place in Buenos Aires University in Argentina.  This year the Oral Rounds’ winner is a team from Paris Bar School. The big achievement for Russian law students community is the fact that Russian team from St. Petersburg State University has won the first prize in nomination «Best Claimant’s Memorial», and we congratulate our colleagues with such great accomplishment, wishing them further success.

It is definitely worth mentioning, that in this year FDI Moot Russia was represented by  teams from St. Petersburg State University, Moscow State University, NRU «Higher School of Economics» and Russian State University of Justice. We sincerely congratulate all participants with a successful conclusion of the contest.

You can check the contest resultsand team rating yourself by visiting the web-site:

We have asked our colleagues to write a couple of words regarding why students should try themselves in such moots, including FDI ones.

Zhdanovich Alexander, the captain of HRU Higher School of EconomicsFDI Moot team, which took the second place at Pre-Moot contest in Warsaw, said:

Foreign Direct Investment or just FDI moot – a compound of the most interesting things. As soon as you start diving into the case, you realize that the investment law - a well-structured, open and ambiguous branch with myriad issues. The requirements towards jurisdiction, fair and equitable and most-favored nation treatment regimes, expropriation, "umbrella" of a reservation - all this is “vital” issues of investment law to which the tribunals give different answers.

But why am I talking about law! The culmination of FDI Moot competition in 2016 took place at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. In the first few seconds of the arbitrators greetings you entirely feel the role of a counsel of a private investor or an agent on behalf of sovereign state. Honesty, Such feelings are not experienced anywhere else.

FDI moot is considered to be a great opportunity to enhance research, writing, public speaking skills and ,what is more importantly, to feel yourself as part of professional community. Personally, this is one of the memorable events in every student life

Gayana Gulyan, NRU Higher School of Economics FDI Moot team member:

FDI Moot is, first and foremost, an international competition aiming at promoting cooperation between students all around the world. Participants not only compete but also share experience and knowledge obtained in the course of desperate preparation for the moot. It comprises: permanent practice of Legal English skills, oral advocacy, team working, getting used to different adjudication procedures, including those existing in such arbitration institutes as ICC, ICSID, PCA, etc. Personally I was impressed how interesting the International investment law is, since it is at the junction of the two branches of international law - public and private.

Evgeniy Bulatov, the captain of Saint-Petersburg State University FDI Moot team, which took the first place in nomination “Best Claimant’s Memorial”:

Personally for me, participation in FDI moot court is an inexhaustible source of positive emotions in combination with enhancement of professional skills and enrichment of own experience. It is a great way to broaden an outlook upon knowledge in investment law and to become a great speaker presenting persuasive arguements. Once you try it, you will never leave it.


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