Sergey Pepeliaev

Сергей Пепеляев

Managing Partner, Pepeliaev group


Sergey G. Pepeliaev has a PhD in Law, and is Managing Partner of Pepeliaev Group as well as an attorney-at-law.

He has over 30 years' hands-on experience of dealing with corporate and personal taxation issues. He has resolved countless challenging situations involving investment activities and court proceedings.

Mr Pepeliaev is actively engaged in academic and educational work in tax and financial law. He has authored more than 300 study guides, books and articles on issues of taxation, finance, budget, commercial court proceedings and the management of natural resources.

As a practitioner, he has defended the rights and interests of companies before the Russian Constitutional Court, the Russian Supreme Court, and commercial courts in large-scale and significant court disputes regarding: the legality of additional taxes and payments being assessed; unlawful regulations of the Russian Government, ministries and state authorities being repealed; and unconstitutional provisions of laws being set aside. He has also advised on matters concerning the taxation of investments, day-to-day business operations, and much more.