Informal interviews with leading arbitration professionals from all over the world.

Guests share favorite recipes and talk about personal and professional life during live streaming. You can cook and ask questions online!

“ArbitRAAtion Kitchen Book” will be released after every season.

“ArbitRAAtion Kitchen Book” is a unique collection of interviews and recipes shared by leading arbitration professionals from all over the world. 600 pages with step by step recipes, interviews, photos from personal archives, professional statistics and stories of success.

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ArbitRAAtion Kitchen 2020

Season 1 premiered in 2020.

More than 11000 views on YouTube

24 online interviews from 21 countries

Episodes in English:

Episodes in Russian:



ArbitRAAtion Kitchen Book 

«ArbitRAAtion Kitchen Book» was released on 17 December 2020.



The Book includes:

  • 600 pages with pictures and charts.

  • 14 interviews in English & 9 interviews in English and Russian.

  • More than 1000 charts with professional statistics.

  • More than 2500 photos from personal archives.

  • Interviews with stories from childhood, personal stories of success and professional facts. 

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