Абова Тамара Евгеньевна


Professional Experience

Mrs. Abova’s research insterests include problems of civil, transport and entrepreneurial law, civil and arbitrazh procedure. Mrs.Abova has drafted more than 150 articles. She is a Head of Department of Civil law, Civil and Arbitrazh procedure at The Institute of State and Law of The Russian Academy of Sciences.

Mrs. Abova takes part in legislative work, being member of Expert Council for Civil Legislation and Related Industries, existing by the State Duma Chairperson. As part of State Duma panels participated in drafting RF Code of Arbitrazh Procedure and RF Code of Civil Procedure (2002).

Mrs. Abova is actively involved in practical legal work: member of Scientific and Advisory Council at the Supreme Arbitrazh Court of the RF; member of Scientific and Advisory Council at the Federal Arbitrazh Court of the Moscow Circuit, arbitrator of the International Commercial Arbitration Court a the RF CCI, Maritime Arbitration Commission at the RF CCI (as from 2008 – Deputy Chairperson of MAK at the RF CCI), arbitrator of the Arbitration Court for Resolving Commercial Disputes at the RF CCI. Acted as Russian law expert in international commercial arbitrations abroad and in foreign court proceedings. 

Т. Е. Abova is one of editors and co-author of a fundamental treatise- Commentary to Civil Code of the RF (1st, 2nd Parts) (in 6 editions 2003 –2011 ); part three (4 editions 2005 – 2011); part four (2 ediitons2009 -2011). Mrs. Abova – author of commentaries to the following chapters: «Exercising of and Protection of Civil-law Righs», «Terms». «Limitation Statute», «Shipping», «Shipping and Forwarding Activities» etc.

T. E. Abova is included in lists of recommended arbitrators of ICAC of Ukranian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, KIA of Kazakhstan Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the RAA. She is Honoured Worker of Science in Russian Federation, she has Medal for services to the court system of Russian Federation, she has Honorary sign from Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Teaching experience

Mrs. Abova has been teaching at the Academic Law Institute at the Institute of State and Law of the Russian Academy of Sciences.


In 1949 graduated from Law Institute. In 1952 defended Ph.D. thesis on “Joint Participation in Civil Procedure”, in 1986 obtained Doctor Ph.D. at the USSR Institute of State and Law of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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